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Twitter cuts off intelligence agencies from data feed

Twitter has cut off U.S. intelligence agencies from a data feed that provides real-time information of events around the world produced by Twitter users, including Islamic extremists such as ISIS that are increasingly active on social media.

The service is provided by a company called Dataminr, which also has contracts to

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Expandable habitats may take us to Mars

In sci-fi movies, space habitats are huge structures with labyrinth layouts. But Hollywood doesn’t have to deal with the issues real aerospace engineers face when contemplating future space homes — such as gravity and financial constraints.

“Gravity … is a really serious problem,” Bigelow Aerospace founder Robert Bigelow says.

He’s not kidding.


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Facebook, Microsoft say they pay women, men equally

Facebook and Microsoft became the latest tech companies to claim that their female employees earn as much as their male counterparts.

The tech industry has been criticized for favoring white males, and the figures were released ahead of Equal Pay Day on Tuesday.

Lori Goler, Facebook’s head of HR, said in a

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Instagram drama proves just how much we don’t like change

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: A major brand changed its logo, and people can barely handle it.

Instagram gave its logo and interface a major rehaul Wednesday, flipping the iconic little camera to a cleaner-looking colorful gradient. “Our updated look reflects how vibrant and diverse your storytelling has

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Google wants to inject cyborg lenses into your eyeballs

Google has patented a new technology that would let the company inject a computerized lens directly into your eyeball.

The company has been developing smart glasses and even smart contact lenses for years. But Google’s newest patented technology would go even further — and deeper.

(Note: the squeamish should skip to the

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Visa moves to speed up chip card transactions

Visa is moving to fix one of the bigger complaints about its new chip-embedded credit cards: It takes too long to pay with them.

The credit card company said it is upgrading software which will allow consumers to insert and remove the card in two seconds or less, rather than to

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The planet hunter searching for another Earth

“I want to find another Earth. That’s what I’m living for.”

MIT astrophysicist Sara Seager has been looking at planets beyond our solar system, known as exoplanets, for almost 20 years.

When the first ones were discovered in the 1990s, many questioned the finding and didn’t think it was real. But since

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He created Google Alerts. Now he’s an almond farmer

When Naga Kataru first pitched the idea of Google Alerts, it was immediately rejected.

“My manager didn’t like it,” said Kataru. “He said Google makes money when people come to us. If we set alerts, then we’re losing money because we’re sending people away from Google.”

Kataru trusted his instincts anyway.

“I went

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