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WhatsApp was blocked for 100 million Brazilians – Now its back!

  • 31st Dec 2015
  • News

If you’re in Brazil, you may have been upset that WhatsApp was blocked.

Late Wednesday, a judge had barred the wildly popular messaging app for 48 hours after WhatsApp failed to respond to two court orders “in a criminal investigation,” according to a court ruling.

The judge ordered cell phone operators to

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What we Googled in 2015

Nothing gets people Googling quite like the passing of a celebrity. But in 2015, some of the most searched-for deaths in the U.S. weren’t famous people at all, but regular people who died while in police custody.

Google (GOOG) released its annual roundup of what the U.S. searched for this year.

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Kyrie Irving Injury: Updates on Cavaliers Star’s Knee and Return

Irving’s health problems are even more worrisome since guard Iman Shumpert needed wrist surgery in the offseason that was expected to sideline him for more than three months. The status of Cleveland’s backcourt is tenuous at best early on this season.

LeBron James is Cleveland’s top option, but Irving is one

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How to build a real lightsaber

As even casual Star Wars fans will know, lightsabers are probably the coolest weapon ever to make an appearance on the big screen. Lightsaber fights are so elegant that they are almost hypnotic and, even though not all of us might have a strong enough flow of Force running through

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Taylor Swift meets her lookalike

The Internet didn’t seem to be when the singer, who celebrated her 26th birthday Sunday, posed for a photo with lookalike Olivia Sturgiss after the pair met in Australia over the weekend.

The meeting in Melbourne was documented by Sturgiss’ friend Kristy Lee, who posted a photo of herself with the

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Laser-armed fighter jets by 2020, U.S. Air Force says

The invention of guns took warfare to a whole new level. Later, airplanes radically changed it again. Now, experts say another big shift is coming, led by energy weapons, including lasers.

The U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, or AFRL, said it’s on track to demonstrate a working laser weapon on a

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‘Star Wars’ 101: What you should know

Do you have a high count of Force-sensitive midi-chlorians? You can stop reading this article now.

But for those of us who need a little “Star Wars” background — or just a refresher on the Galaxy That George Created — here are a few things you should know about one of

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Bodies found in van in Mexico are missing Australian surfers

  • 22nd Dec 2015
  • News

The bodies of two men found in a burned-out van in Mexico’s Sinaloa state are exactly who authorities feared they were: Australian surfers Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman.

Sinaloa Attorney General Marco Antonio Higuera confirmed during a Tuesday news conference that the bodies had been identified via a DNA test. The

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